the future?


this article is quite fascinating. showing a city that quickly banned outdoor advertising - forcing marketing companies and ad agencies to come up with creative solutions that would increase sales in their clients companies.

I think this example will prove quite relevent to a generation that has grown to hate advertising.

wicked cover.


  1. the removal of advertising (and any outdoor brand messages, for that matter) in sao paulo is an interesting case. a lot of the people who rallied for it to be removed were sorely disappointed when they realized that, under the shine of western-style ads and media, their city was actually a crumbling, squalid example of "non-western" poverty. it was almost like a band-aid covering the faults of the community.

  2. nice post.
    living without signs...
    we discussed sao paulo and other examples about it in the class last year. (students for architecture 201 project,i was the assistant) tried to create spaces without any marks & signs, especially places where we most need them (for ex. train stations, historical places n city center)it is hard to re-organize space after removal of this signs, even at some point nearly senseless, coz it gets impossible to find your way in the context of a bigger scale. removal of 'all' the signs mostly n probably would kill the 'time'.
    it can create a space called 'the future' like gattaca, but killing the 'time' and 'living'.
    think yourself in a metro station with no signs. in that kinda situation, you gotta try nearly every way, if you have time, to find the correct way. or you just follow the way your job or someone you know tells you.

    well, these are just discussions at the end.
    i really wonder how it is to 'live' without any signs and messages.