think about it.



Video for Fashion Magazine with Chloe comme Parris.

Watching David Suzuki look like he's going to cry because even though he's done such good to the planet - it's like he knows people might never get it. I love art, and I love meeting new people, and sharing stories, and making delicious meals, reading books and listening to lectures - I love getting up and making an amazing pot of coffee - swimming in the lake at midnight, watching the fireworks, and watching the stars. I love strange stories, and old novelty wall paper - i love life and adventure and death, but sometimes it tastes kind of stagnent. Like we're stuck in a rut of theories and rules waiting for them to work. 



thank you sweetpea for the beautiful imperfect roses...

I've been wanting to shoot flowers for a few months now - 
picked up some freebees today which inspired me to do a whole series of imperfect flowers.
The ones that are thrown away or given back because they aren't "perfect" enough.

c o m i n g    s o o n ? 

double headed dude



some recent drawings and work. 

also - the new usher + diplo track? yea.


Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang F/W 2012. 

I can smell the musk. And I love it.




Anais Pouliot by Hannah Sider

it's that time of year again...


Curious Are we

insight's new collection.  Love. 

rum drawings.