blow my mind up.

" Now, however, an entire generation has grown up getting free con-
tent online without much advertising interruption, and they consider it
their birthright to do so. Moreover, they now have the technology —  such
as TiVo, spam blockers, etc. —  for avoiding advertising, which is exactly
what they do. For that reason, and because of the collapse of the mass-
 media yin bodes poorly for mass- marketing’s yang, advertising does not
have a very bright future. This most likely spells a protracted nightmare
for the ad- agency business, which at the moment expresses equal parts
panic and Sorrellian denial. But if you happen to be in the business of
flogging goods —  or policies or laws —  fear not. All is not lost. Salvation
is within your grasp. Just listen. "


 I'm currently reading a book called "The Chaos Scenario"- it's to do with the thesis project I'm working towards that communicates the future of consumer behaviors based on the effects of the internet and technology on neurological pathways and behaviors, the death of institutions (such as religion) in the modern day person, and how human creativity will increase/decrease in this new world. 

it's incredibly exciting to be alive in the day - in this age. We all must realize that the traditional ways of making money and "the man" are quickly disappearing. And in this chaotic state the world has gotten into - there is soo much room for opportunity. Suddenly the walls between countries are starting to dissolve and the global community of consumers is becoming the power that makes the choices. The best part is - there are more of us then them.

the scary part is - the internet seems like this free platform to have fun but we are hardwired. the people managing the internet are watching...who are they? 


Interesting work from Frederik Heyman

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