Nudity awaits her strengthened heart

life is not a promised wish - nor a guaranteed arrest with love, pain and satisfaction,
nor a light that is shining or a ground that does not shake, 

like a spinning compass surfing on lake placid,
a plethora of energies all feeling each other out and as soon as you're getting the hang of the wave,
an entirely new set comes in ready to challenge and shake what used to comfort your fall,
a winter of deceit that takes your hind legs and puts them on rotisserie,
ever spinning with a flame in your face but always watching from afar drooling at what is not known.
The taste of assumption wet on the lips of the blinded animal - eating itself with glowing ember burning holes in his already hollow eyes....

the crowd stood up and cheered as the vows were said,
the holy matrimony of truth and acceptance, 

you just can't help but feel every ounce of their intimacy oozing into the air,
and hier to a kingdom of support from a group of individuals,
addicted to the taste of purity and innocence at an age past puberty in the essence of humanity,
in the essence of a moment that was shared by all,
a focus followed by fermented grapes and a high that takes you into the night,
a full fledged commitment into their futures..

Congratulations Owen & Stephan - and best wishes to the next chapters of your lives, together.

"the dog is barking, and my paranoia is at a peak I have not experienced since my childhood fears of seeing my parents naked from their chosen roles, had sunk their teeth into my trembling body. but alas it is back, and luckily the strength of my growing pains has created a system of roots that keep me afloat in pushing forwards -  at times when a dark window could hold victim to a shady terrorist, one that has poisoned an otherwise healthy existence in an effort to survive his own demise - yes afloat we are, and will continue to be, because the network of unconditional love before you is not easily diseased by the virus you emit. The stench from your filthy hole in this world is only worsened by your attempts to dig further and deeper beyond your moral and far away from your truths. Only death will silence your wishes if you continue to dig, and I will not stand in it's way, for it comes from the depths that you waste your days tunnelling in - getting lost in your own selfish satisfaction and incompetent behaviour. No, I will not stand in it's way, but merely walk away from the creature that dare suck the energy from such loved ones of mine - advantage was stolen in a cheating effort to further your irrelevant existence with glory and self worth, and now chance holds a biased on your head for the crimes you hath commit.

I wish you nothing, and do not bare fare well - just hope a vein of madness in your next victim will put an end to the wicked games you play."

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