Love Prevails, Ideals die

there are times when change happens all at once, there is a sting like pulling off an old bandage. The comfort of all the things you know and thought were medicating your skin have mustered for too long, the infection starts when the stillness of a moment in time - the stale air untouched is ignored and dismissed... a parasite that takes over your body if you're not willing to see. But then it all changes, you say yes and pull - it hurts, it stings - discomfort/anxiety.. but sometimes, sometimes you just need to breathe. let it breathe - my life and thoughts are not here to be preserved, maintained and kept in their cage - i am here to make mistakes when exploring my imagination, laugh when it's funny & cry when it hurts - the boxes and storage of the mind are of the mind quite literally - and the passenger can only drive when they are willing to take the wheel. 

rip off some band-aids today - change is exciting when you invite it over for dinner, it will entertain you and teach you a thing or two, you'll never be sure what this guest will say next - and that is where the magic sleeps 


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