Julien David, andrea crews. scarfed down under.

focus irodic ine. medicine and ear milk....
correspond to the correction.
curate the future with possibility
thrown into the hens nest
hairs caught throughout the twigs
woven up in the memories of tainted entirety
leave me stranded to the thoughts of yesterday
wrapped around the finger of this second
injected with your idea of the next
back to treadmills and merry go rounds
or at least watching them from afar
it becomes easier to step off the illusion
the fun world of deception - into a meadow of peace
tranquil she sits
quietly curiosity whispers sweet nothings in her ear,
the comfort of wonder slipping it's hands under her blouse,
diving deep into the fresh waters of tomorrow,
of today - the roots of the past grounding what was surrounding,
deeper down and further up, a fresh gasp of air from the forest of confusion,
now pass me that green,
it's time to step into the next world,
here. we. go.

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