friday blues

Today put a great deal of things in perspective for me. The tragic aftershock of the tsunami in Japan (that has not even finished) has impacted me in a way that was unexpected.

I sat in worried panic about my own life this morning and upon seeing the news, soon realized my problems seemed miniscule in comparison. It scares me to think about what people there are going through - looking for family members and friends or losing their home and their possessions... It is a devastating reminder to me of how blessed I am. I have been checking the news every 10 minutes and praying for everyone affected.

It's overwhelming to know about what is going on in the world - let's not forget Libya and the death and violence occurring there. Can I stress again how insignificant my problems are in the grand scheme of the world right now? Be alarmingly aware of everything you take for granted.

To all of our Canadian readers to want to help in Japan, please donate through the RED CROSS

Also, help with the relief effort for Japan Text REDCROSS to 90999 (30333 in Canada) to donate $10


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  1. Never feel bad for having worries in your own life, it's human nature, and things are relative to ourselves.
    The news today broke my heart, it got me thinking that it's shocking to see the death toll, the people missing toll, the amount of houses (everything) ruined and the severity of everything, and it's just so hard to comprehend the single pain that every person is going through - collectively to become insignificant due to the sheer volume of things. I hope that makes sense, thanks so much for this post, so beautiful to read.