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In case you have been hiding under a rock. The protests in Egypt are an incredible feat. I was just doing some research on everything that has been going on and conclusively - it's all happening. One reporter was interviewed about how she left her job the morning that she was briefed by the regime to tell the public that the protests were lead by the muslim brotherhood - when she knew they were not. There are videos of the men that have sacrificed themselves for freedom, authoritative powers killing & hurting the peaceful protests. The protesters began to fight back only when instigated by the militaries initial attacks. The rate of information technology has held the people together in their efforts- the transparency of the government became very real, and the truth held the masses together.

This is starting to happen more and more all over the world. The peoples revolution - this ripple effect has begun as places all over the middle east are beginning to demand their freedoms and right as people to. Lead by example, shared by technology. As one news station owner in Egypt suggested (the only one that stayed true to what they were streaming - even when their cables were pulled they released internet streams etc.) governments have to become sincere in their actions, or the people will find out - technology has the ability to share the truth - until they are ready to be sincere, the masses are going to realize their power and fight back.

...what an exciting time to be alive - the future is so real and unknown - wiki leaks getting the 2011 nobel peace prize, twitter and facebook becoming platforms for discussion and sharing - education at the fingertips of so many in this contemporary world. People have the potential to see things in perspective - and yes there may be danger to this, but there is also a lot of truth.


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