shimurabros and biggie hos

"In the projection space upstairs, the maze-like, three-screen installation of Shimurabros' Sekilala - Uncovered Family is an immersive and tactile video work. A sortie into the forming world of biotechnology, Sekilala places equal emphasis on disrupting filmic narrative, camera angles and editing as it does in creating a montage of a man trying to grasp some sort of reality from the depths of a virtual existence.

As in the dreamscapes of the film Inception, you're never quite sure in which level of reality you're operating. The screens run infinite, seemingly random loops, creating a surreal story through characters who interplay across 26 disparate (yet connected) sequences. Part game-play, part Eastern European cinema, part Japanese fantasy futurism, this is cinematic play at its most perplexing and inventive."

Brother Sister Duo,


one of the loops from their video is on their website, really interesting visual reminiscent to me of the sims, my one of my favorite childhood virtual games - the little box with an image of rats overlapping the man, woman and child is an eerie visual.

this morning i picked up a coffee table book at my friends place as I adjusted from sleeping - and lapsed into the new day...the coffee table book about unique boutiques/food shops etc. and how they're making a comeback against the big chain department stores. how the inevitability of standardization becomes more evident in the emerging cultures of india/china being infiltrated with the big chain stores that are shaping the groundwork for our future world. i am in a limbo right now where it's hard to see and breathe in the moment as the new clouds of the internet - the world around me, and the world inside my head are making it hard to see. ideas running around in circles - confused as to where to go. the creativity runs into walls as ideas are pushed back into their cages being told to sit this one out until they make more sense. today marks an experiment against frustration - to push some of these ideas on to canvas and try to put some light on the confusion. art therapy.

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