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Walter Truett Anderson talks about Postmodernism - there are these four worldviews constructed according to him...

postmodern-ironist : truth as socially constructed
scientific-rational : truth found through methodical, disciplined inquiry
social traditional : truth is found in heritage of american and western civilization
neo-romantic : truth is found through attaining harmony with nature and/or spiritual exploration of inner self.

where to we fit in. as a collective.

critique on world views ...
where is the advancement in the ironist? in general i see this critical individual, running in quicksand with nothing to keep them a float except the assurance they get of mocking others with the truth they've almost been forced to acquire through social class and upbringing - fighting for the top.
the scientific rational will forever be running on a treadmill looking everywhere for the truth but quite unaware of where to discover it as their instruments become more technologically powerful - and the vast and infinite factors attributing to truth become so much further from their expectations and theories then ever before. truth cannot be determined scientifically without all factors being quantified, but understanding the vacuum of existence bends into philosophical studies - which are hard to quantify.
The social traditional, stuck in the mindset of finding information from the past to create a concrete view, impervious to to the innovative unless constructed within a particular way...held back by assumptions without understanding. the disciplined individual.
neo-romantic...this world view seems selfish only in the way it is stated. something more relatable - but attaining harmony with nature and spiritual exploration is merely the first step in truth. this individual seems idealistic by nature - but finding harmony within a community is truth in itself.

at this point it seems like humans are being built with these polar opposite initiatives. waiting for someone to slip up - make a mistake - nobody ever seems to be right. we're just four men sitting in a room arguing about it all. is that post modernism? can we ever learn to trust each other again and realize that perfection is just the right amount of wrong? lay down naked before each other and realize the skin and bones that make up the modern man - try to understand each other without yelling. find the things that work in each other rather then critique what does not work. nourish the beauty and the flower will bloom. encouragement and gratitude go such a long way - are we all so stuck in our reflected selves that we are forever held in the infinite reflections of emptiness? look out at the world for a moment - see it for what it is and give it a chance to breathe again.

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