Man in the Box

Science has been the way to acquire insight into the structure of reality, into the way this world is built, to find out the greatness of God's creation. But now it was elevated by the rationalist into the tool to know all truth, the foundation of all knowledge. But the world was no longer open to a transcendent God. It had become a closed box, and man was caught in that box.

The content of the box was the only true reality allowed by the men of the Age of Reason, the things that can be understood by rationalist reason and mechanistic science, together with the dream of the new world they had begun to build. What we have already called 'scientism' was this faith in reason, with science as a kind of revelation. The world they were building was a fulfilled technocracy, scientistic truth put into practice.

-H. R. Rookmaaker

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  1. Never heard before of R.
    He has a truly interesting background story.. and also the works in the 'Abri' sound interesting.

    Thank you for posting about him, and also greets for the whole blog, it's really interesting/inspirating.