love this.

ashley. by THIRTY9STEPS.
mua tami el sombati


stop caring. stop repeating your morning routine. coffee grinder. hot water. clean your room. throw out old things. buy new things. write down your aspirations. talk about your feelings.black and white. blue and red. successful vs. passionate.unfortunate vs. simple. infinite choices in every direction. 360 degrees a sphere of possibilities. one life, one experience of what is unknown. change defeats us with its sour aftertaste when all feels right - and something goes wrong. a constant shift of good and evil. empathetic and...pathetic. pathetic. your whole life leading up to this single moment that seems to never pass. conditioning the human race through years of trial and error based on what? we took chances. we're running in circles but still chasing the same bait. some invisible strive for purpose. hooked onto networks of the same bull shit everyday. put it out on the table and cut it into pieces small enough to chew. babies floating in a vast and infinite experience of space. incredible. inspirational. the pot smoking agenda of the artist with no body. a spirit married to a mind who can't explain the circumstances. a body holding them together in matrimony. a single cell waiting to divide and conquer. all floating in a vast space. time defeats me - for it suddenly slips away and does not exist. good thing my water is done boiling. time to clean my room and make some coffee. again.

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