breakfast in the moment.

i took this shot yesterday of my brother derek in kensington.
ryan at the belview (credit derek blais)

portrait of kingsley by derek blais

i had breakfast yesterday in kensington market with some friends. it was interesting because one of them (a girl I adore) was discussing her active roll in an advertising agency - and how she was working there in her twenties to learn the techniques etc of the enemy. i got this light of hope inside that there might be more of us out there. more people that really do want to make a change - and are laying low and studying the giants - to make the playing ground level - so the youth generations can fight back when we're given the choice. can we all do it? can we push for the words of david suzuki - can we make things in this world a little more balanced? garbage island may exist - the oceans may be dying - but life is always trying to find a way through - don't give up. 

 This site / clothing is like a giant mood board - it's so contemporary due to the fact that so many old styles / personalities / information in general exists online now - the references people can pull for a mood of a line etc. can range from so many different things. it's amazing studying fashion history how it used to be in the hands of the people that made it - the industry would give us and we would buy - of course then they began to follow trends etc as the commercial industry of clothing blew up - but now we are in control. the consumer - 100%. and we don't want to look the same...



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