Wading in a Shallow Depth of Field

Weekend Warriors

Good Friday just got a whole lot better.
Beers on church street - new friends &old ones - half drunk walks with the warm air wrapping around your pale skin and un - pedicured feet - letting one day every now and then live itself out with you as the back seat passenger. Watching your day unfold based on gut feelings and reactions to whatever the universe throws at you - including chests full of art, hidden alleyways, artistic discussion - progressive awareness - and junk digging.

Goodwill was off duty so we got free range on a big pile of consumerism gone bad. If only they never took it away and let it build up as an example of the rate of eating and shitting we do here in the west of the world. Lest we forget - but in the mean time - I'll take advantage of what I can scavenge...some of my finds.

my inspiration for a future home / lightbox knee rest.

BAGHEERA!! (When we met)

some film from last month. mara and zack in the forefront of perspective -
wading in a shallow depth of field.

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  1. OMG no way sarah plz do NOt tell me you found that chanel bag at goodwill? OMGGG did ya really?

  2. brewce. i fucking love you.. tell me u made out with 'bageera' after finding it in a goodwill pile!! ahahahahah. and sickkkk chanel bag.
    and zach is hotttttt

    love ya brewceee tty soon when im not creepily commenting on ur blog