my interpretation of network politics - the rapid spread of information to cause extreme reactions all start with one idea - a little mint can effect a lot.

"Seriously, someone asks me, do I think there is hope for bringing democracy to the World Bank or the I.M.F.? Or, for that matter, to the U.N. and the W.T.O.? Shouldn't the citizens of the world be electing representatives to these powerful institutions, so they might be accountable to someone other than wealthy corporations and their allies in the rich countries? I can't think of any reason why not. We drink a round to this brilliant idea. It is only later, back at my hotel- or maybe it's back in NYC - that I remember it is only people in countries like Bolivia who know or care what the World Bank or the I.M.F. do. In the West, most of us have other things to worry about." William Finnegan, Harpers.

Are we even close to being ready to admit our mistakes? If you are part of the western world - at least make yourself aware - or ignore this - because after all, we've got other things to worry about - like the guy that you just texted? Or the new shipment of clothes at H&M? Let someone else figure it out - leave a message - my great grandchildren will pick it up.

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