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"Peace, peace i hate the word" - Carly...i mean, Tybalt.

juliet !

Saw an amazing documentary on copyrighting today - and the limit it has placed on the advancement of society as a whole. not only in creativity - but in medicine etc.

- the past 10 years have done some things globally to humans due to the internet - one of these being related to copyright infringement. The film talked about the REMIX generation - how we're all taking the past and remixing the shit out of it - with our skills in media - and communication due to the internet.

I think this generation having access to the internet (a large pool of information - political, art, culture, science, etc) is creating people that select by public choice what their favorite music is, artwork, political views etc. - now that theyve got a choice of what to like that isnt narrowed down to britney spears, or back street boys / Left or right wing politics / etc... It's like underground is that much more accessible - and it's not just hearing nirvana at lees palace - but having access to the music to mix it up and build it.


No matter what to, the government is having a hard time keeping the internet controlled - and to arrest the entire USA for downloading music ... i think that might have something to say about their priorities. Things are changing really fast, and we're in a very interesting time for society. I'm excited, and you should be to.


  1. RIP (a remix manifesto) check it out!!

  2. i really like your blog and your tumblr!!! :) and i've seen that documentary in university, great one!