richard b.

This guy just shot a model friend of ours. beautiful work!

39 STEPS is shooting today at a top secret location - inspiration - dining rooms and apples. get excited. we definitely are! ALSO Alice in Wonderland 3-D last night - really beautiful imagery - loved the lack of saturation and emphasis on darkness throughout the movie. wasn't everything expected - there are a few parts where you're like - really?... like when the mad hatter starts dancing at the end. Comedic parts that are not cohesive with the nonsense sarcasm humour dazzled throughout. The red queen is an amazing character - "i love my fat boys". "this is um, shes my new favorite" - she's like a spoiled bitch - anyways definetely interesting movie to check out. make sure to consume brownies of your choice precisely 40 minutes prior to the starting time. This will ensure for a most enjoyable experience,

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