went on chat roulette with some friends last night - quite the experience really. I do insist on a couple glasses of wine to ease ya up first...
but we played a game of who can hold a conversation the longest.

One of the conversations we had with an american dude went something like this...


after mentioning how america made french fries among other claims he clearly wasnt too sure of..

(my brother derek): why does it suck bud?
*guy shows us a pack of marlboro lights*: Cause we have good cigarettes!!
dereK: oh yeah? *pulls out a pack of red marleys he got from NYC* well I got the real shit, but no worries my gf smokes the lights - see in canada we can smoke the hard shit cause we aint pussies and we got FREE HEALTH CARE.

it was good fun and the conversation did last quite awhile - but upon one of our "nextings" we arrived on one of the common nudity moments (in chat roulette) of a mans special parts - coupled with a certain mans best friend helping to clean it of its charge... hmmm


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