computer work at 12.
the new magazine layouts ... playing with ideas.
not final yet.
but nobody can take the name. or ill kill you


  1. mmmmm i love the table of contents layout. i don't know how i feel about the green though? and for future, i would almost love seeing the table running from top to bottom OVER the big text but at like 40% opacity or something so that it's consistently that size esp when your feature lists are longer? justrecommendations/suggestions/options considering it's not final yet!

  2. yeah, the green is super temporary - im not going with it - gotta fix the type up - wouldnt' do the opacity cause it would get way too lost in the pattern - and just look super complicated on top of everything. maybe though...thanks!

  3. i like the greennnerrr.

    seems classic to me. like uv exposed 1960's furniture that sat by the window for the last 30 years.

    I say keep(it real).