ebb and flow and salvia.

"its like the universe is clicking on into this abyss of ...whatever, but it places these sensual moments into the palm of your hand, these moments of excitement and awe - when you choose to indulge and seek out the reason, and experience expression - it starts to make a little more sense.

of course interupted by the sound of your alarm pulling you back into the essence of survival.

the little goals we humans make - ever being pushed into a focus on our individual lives.

into our ikea couch - that goes so well with white throw pillows and blankets you saw in the showroom and were urged to purchase.

to spend hours at a job that puts food on your plate, and h&m scarves around your neck, same playlist at the same bars, familiar faces that are so often unable to connect,

unable to look deeper then the size of your waist and length of your legs. the obsession with reputation and individuality...

some obscene march to fame to be claimed a revolutionary,

but unsure exactly of what you want to resolve.

so unaware of the lack of importance you feel

in this ever growing global community.

but maybe im just another puppet in the front seat of another life,

hungry for attention, hungry for purpose - starving for affection, with the taste of youth still fresh on my lips,

preparing myself for the reality of one given life?

...expressionless - right now. write now.

this new stage of this young life a drive for purpose being filled,

satisfied at the understanding of what is to offer, of the ability to make changes - to offer up my life,

as a servant to my thoughts, im listening. and soon will be heard."


  1. love the line "right now. write now."
    inspiring post :)
    sophie xx

  2. that pic in the car couldn't be more perfect

  3. "some obscene march to fame to be claimed a revolutionary, but unsure exactly of what you want to resolve." WOW! This whole post is so poetic.. speaking the truth is hard to do sometimes.. even harder to trust and accept. Thanks for the inspiration today.. I'm assuming you wrote this, right? :)

  4. yeah! thanks, glad you liked it .

    it was an exercise to just write down everything in my head.