"From the first time I laid eyes on her 7 years ago at “The Hole”, I have been following her progress. I watched her negotiate Justine D’s circle of friends learning the tricks of the trade. I watched from the corner as she learned to dj in the basement of Lit. Soon I watched her new success in print because I had a girlfriend. Being a good boyfriend meant forbidding myself from dens of temptation like Misshapes, so I would scour magazines and page 6 for little tid bits, little clues or pictures. Her success was everywhere. Now, overly ambitious women are without a doubt unattractive, doubly unattractive when they are after something meaningless like scene fame. Its only forgivable if you’re really young. Young she was, so all was forgiven. I’m out of a relationship now and the Missshapes have not been newsworthy for a wile. She will be perfect, a little older, conscious of the futility of nightlife and downtown fame, ready to just be a girlfriend. laughing at funny things i say, eating Italian Ice in Tompkins Sq Park, giving me that cold look when i take a dirty joke to far.

Oh how wrong i was. Just when i thought she was coming back down from orbit she is off on another mission. Beyond lunar this time. Chanel Ambassador? What the fuck dose that even mean? "

- excerpt from a blog I stumbled upon today. laughing out loud in the mac lab - trying to work on homework but avoiding it completely on a search for the perfect soundtrack to the typography assignment I will never finish. but fuck I found some cool new songs.


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