I just killed a spider trying to eat my arm.

inspiration // Heavy Metal Fantasy Porn Magazine - circa early 80's
photo // 39steps - pirate flags in cottage country


THIEVES LIKE US - Really like to see you again.
love the sound of these guys - soma induced 80s if you will.

THE TWILIGHT SAD - Reflection of the Television
straight from scottttttlandddd - this one was in my head all morning @ work. - its got that...fog over the water perception illusion to awareness.

Lifes thoughts...
Every choice you make puts you where you are. people need to stop the blame game - it comes down to the person you are inside making choices that are going to benefit your soul. feed your soul and you'll begin to realize who you are inside - the part on the outside is really just a reflection of this.

D'arcy blais once told his daughter who thought she was suffering from depression @ age 13 that if she looked worried/upset/sad all the time - she'd have old lady wrinkles just like that. so even if she was happy then her wrinkles would send messages otherwise. at 13 it made her realize she wanted an approachable friendly wrinkled face - so why cry when the life we're given is as beautiful we as want to believe it is.

give a homeless guy $5 if you're waiting for a bus for his time to listen to you. then give him/her the gift of believing in themselves. even if they dont seem to care @ the time you never know what insight will sit in their minds. If not, why not walk away feeling like you might have had an impact on their lives.


  1. Holy shat!! That is hope for all the uninspired. . reflection style.

  2. hahaha my boyfriend was obsessed with heavy metal mags back in the day.. not sure it was a good thing for little kids to be growing up on, but they sure do look bad ass!
    btw, all the drawings on this blog are amazing.
    keep up the summer creativityyyyy!!