I do the like WOW shows, and then every other year we do the traditional ones

Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones are kind of a big deal. I'm really into how they play with light, layers, graphics, colours... it's so refreshing to see this unique style of fashion photography.

Oh, and some guy just came into my work and he says:

"You probably get this a lot, but are you a parking ticket?"

"Uhhhh.......No, why?"

"Because you have FINE written all over you."


  1. this certainly is wow, i like the waren du preez images. and haha i cant believe a guy said that to you. you know what, id probably laugh if i heard that and i won't be totally turned off because i'd think it's cute that they did because it's already established that pick-up lines are cheesy.

  2. Amazing. Ad that line is so funny. Almost worthy of your attention, no?