back for 24 hours.

If you recognize this ... you RULE!

"What are ya waitin for...christmas?"

A large part of my childhood.


Last night I had a dream that Hannah and I were free running like secret agents in an effort to get to a mcdonalds and have free ice cream...we had plastic guns and were climbing up ladders and doing front rolls. Somewhere along the way I became eddie murphy with a fresh prince hair cut in a grocery store still with hannah - still on pursuit for ice cream.

This was all after meeting george bush on a boat in front of my cottage watching the cottage burn down. hows that for anxiety? And I never got to the ice cream...


  1. shake it baby, you wanna dance?

  2. Where are the dancing bikini babes? You know, the ones who turn into baddies?

  3. If you still somehow can play this game I am beyond jealous.