TopShop introduces 60s icon BIBA


...tom ford did it recently- its provocative - it catches your eye...innovative - good when done right - but lets get the creative brains moving again people. maybe stop referring to playboy for inspiration. Greek classicism - we've basically moved back to mannequin advertisement with all the touching up. good thing they left the tan line to make it look reaal authentic.

thats my rant. its almost done.. wouldn't that be cool though? A mannequin that kanye is making out with - fuck who needs women? im crediting my mom for the disgust inside..

Ahh the 60's are SOO TRENDY RIGHT NOW "" ...

too bad everything is always in as long as you've got style to rock it out.. fucking trends.

but on a higher note - Topshop brought in BIBA to help design a collection coming out on the 28th!!! they said they didn't want it to look exactly like the old stuff - but worked with her to create a new style of things - that are heavily weighted with 60s prints, shapes etc!!

everyone should go biking today.


  1. I'm in love with the first photo...

    It looks so intimate...


    -Ana, heavymetalfashion