Margie-Puffs in Asia

"How was it?"

"In ten words or less."

"It's like when you came back from first-year University and never could sit still during movies. I'm the same way now!"
"But I could never sit still through movies..."
"Oh. I can't either now!"

"YOU WOULD BE SO PROUD OF ME. I've been biking."
"In Asia? Like every day?"

"I ran too."
"How long did that last?"
"They weren't so much long runs, more of sprinting and then walking. Just running for that feeling of running with everything flying past you and the air hitting your face. It felt so good."

photos by Margaret Sider for Thirty9Steps


  1. love that bit about running.
    and the squatting pothole? it's usually done the other way round. i hope your friend margie has been getting it right. :)

  2. thanks! it's actually my little sister, margaret. she's fabulous :)