coolest thing so far today...

this guy came into the shop -a 21 year old from Germany with an English father - so had the brit/german accent thing happening - super intriguing.
talked to him for a half an hour about his occupation. He is basically an artist that works mainly with glass...and was talking about how it is like liquid water - and he can make anything from glass basically- stained/sandblasted/blown etc. He also mentioned how the art side of it is kind of unexplored.

ANYWAYSS...after exchanging contact info - i told him a couple designs I was thinking of on the spot - he does it all in germany but he wants some young artists to work with - push glass art. Once i figure out a solid design - just send the specs and he said he'd create it and ship it back to me.

I'll make sure to post the final product...something along the lines of prisms of light interacting to create a centre spot of energy - and maybe even time travel ... who knows...

...still @ work.


  1. did he give you a link? send me the link.

  2. he did not!! he's putting together his website still - will post once i know .:)