"Nostalgic Londoners may remember the retro textiles in these Urban Remade shoes by Above+Below London. Featuring fabric reclaimed from the seat upholstery of underground tubes and buses, the shoes immortalize fifty years and ten lines of London public transit. The leather upper parts are made from old, landfill-bound check book wallets, and the soles from used car tires. Each fabric was hand selected from Piccadilly to Bakerloo and restored to its faded glory for one-of-a-kind, metro-salvaged kicks." - great concept.

today im ready to put away every thing winter.its around 16 degrees in toronto. finally able to sport the blazer without the heavy black winter coat. And wearing my brothers black and white vonzippers finished the transformation to spring - which leads me to these beautifully handcrafted shoes done by "RED BY WOLVES" - again, lets head to london to pick some up!! wouldn't wear these out until the weather waved the "no salt" flag -

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