Mr. Eric Tong.

This past Sunday 39Steps collaborated with designer eric tong to capture the life that his pieces illuminate. The dramatic sillhouettes of his clothing are very powerful but still wearable. In the second last shot his PVC hood is unzipped -becoming an abstract accessory worn around the neck. Once the hood is all zipped up it has a completely different purpose...Erics design really made me have hope for the future of fashion...Where the efficiency of having one piece of material make up for two can maybe slow down the rate of consumption that our generation is moving at...maybe let us all realize that it's possible to slow down - and still look smashing.

The metallic coat had a feature that really jumped out at me. As we were positioning the model to crouch we were having initial difficulties with her arm placement because she felt it was slightly restricted in this position. Eric piped in, just put your arm through the slit....the slit? little had we known there is an option to put your arm through the black line located on the front of the coat....again with the hidden meanings...i love it. its like finding a hidden light switch that turns on an amazing light you never knew existed...just like that.

Eric's things are not for sale yet but we look forward to the evening dress he is currently working on which will be featured in the "Three Ring" Fashion show.

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