Blue Birds and Mortal Combat

Steam Whistle Factory, Event Photography, Testicle Festival, Last Friday...some sample shots.

Website is up and running!


...did you know that cicada's chill underground for 17 years before they crawl from their cocoon and turn into adults? then they mate and die within 24 hours, and their babies crawl underground after a couple weeks to hibernate for 17 years more. man, those are some of the best years of your life...

..."Sarah, can we call our band Joey Persi and Sunshine Sarah?" ...."totally."...

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  1. Hello Hannah (uuuuhhh love your style) and Sarah (I'm pretty sure you must have an awesome style too :))
    First comment : I dunno if it's because of explorer, but it's REALLY hard for me to read the text in your posts.
    Otherwise, could you please explain to me your project ? So I can follow it knowing what it is about. Merci !