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Where are we going...what are we doing...why are we here.
All relevant questions to the minds of this world - but more frequently we forget to be
mindful of who and where WE are.
Listening to a lecture yesterday on mindfullness - the man talked about breathing slowly (common to meditation) and trying to focus purely on the breathing rather then thinking about all the stuff you have to do while breathing. His point was it is just so difficult because we are just so distracted, but if breathing was taken away from us in an instance we'd focus all our energy on trying to have it back - this is an obvious conclusion but I guess what I took from the lecture was that we are really so distracted with all the things we have to do that we're forgetting who we are, because who we are is more like what we are expected to be based on these things we feel obliged to do.

He talked about the use of me, my, I in every decision we make, like how can I benefit from this, or how can my health, budget, reputation benefit... me my I all the fucking time. and you listen to your friends and the people around of today, majority of what they're talking about is all building up who they are. Practice being more honest with yourself and others - and start to think about aiding others to make their smile a little brighter with every day. we've only got one life people - it'll be more satisfying laying 6 feet underground one day knowing it wasnt all some build up for that moment. instead it should be spreading good advice, listening to different perspectives - and pushing to be fair and equal with good intentions in mind.
This is what ...I... got from this lecture....


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